Idea for an evolving set of gear

I have an idea for an evolving set of gear. What if you made a set of gear that changes the mechanics associated with the set every season. Like one season its a melee spec, for demon hunters and the next season it focuses on rockets and sentries. I been playing for a long time and I think this would be cool .
The set would keep changing every season even on your normal characters requiring different non set items each season. It would basically be a new set requiring different items to be gained around the new build it supports. So basically we could build around whatever skills the developers choose to make it strong with.

I mainly play the impale build on my demon hunter but I have played each type of the demon hunter but for awhile now its pretty much the same game every season to me except the new things added like emanate (big props on that passive)

This would give us new evolving items to build around every season without adding a ton of new drops. Like say one season the impale shadow build is good so it works easy with the current impale build but next season it rotates the impale build to use lightening or cold and requires a different weapon and quiver to be awesome .