Idea for Diablo3 T16 Gameplay

Dear Diablo Dev team & fans!

I’ve taken a look at the Diablo Hierarchy and I noticed, in my opinion, some missing demon classes in Diablo3. ( Source = below )
Either certain leaders or elites do not spawn in D3, or there is a class missing in the hierarchy.

Imagine a hellish fiend, born in the most darkest cluster tarpits of hell, so large, it sucked up hellish energy of a thousand lesser demons to be created!

A foe so strong, so rare, it would not be easy to find one during a champions journey.
But if a champion would come across such an elite evil being, if would take an enormous amount strength and determination to defeat it and send it back to the burning prisons of hell!

A new fiend to spice up T16 key runs, make it more attractive and interesting to do.

Name : Supreme Elite (SE) (Enter Hellish name here)
Spawn rate and location : 25% chance for an SE to spawn in a rift when opened, max 1 SE per rift, can spawn anywhere on each level of the rift, so you will have to search the bloody thing!
Creature size : as a rift boss
Creature HP : 5-25 times as much as Rift boss T16 (75), or scale with the strength of the player to keep it interesting. so dev team would need to capture the DPS of the champion.
Abilities : hits like a truck, has all the affixes but are not extremely deadly, it’s to force a champion to plan their moves and not rush in for the kill, tactics will be needed onto a certain degree, beware champions!
Rewards : same as an elite, but more of it, T16 runs are to farm keys and Deaths Breath, and maybe some crafting materials.
Reusable parts : 100-300
Arcane dust : 100-300
Veiled Crystal : 100-300
Death’s Breath : 5-10
Blood shards : none
Sets/Legendary : total drops 3-5 items, guaranteed 1 Ancient item

All creatures spawned from hell have to die! (or send back)
Let’s not oversee these Supreme Elites as they are trampling flowers and stuff with their big clawy feet!

kinds regards,

Source hierarchy = primordial-battle.fandom

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