If I equip brostburn will the 50% chance to freeze add to the 35% chance to freeze from Buriza?

If yes by how much?

coz this way I will be able to crit more often and freeze the enemy more often making them unable to attack me so this is like getting more damage plus more protection as well…So I’m okay with loosing the elusive ring in the cube and choose grandeur ring in the cube.

There is a looong discussion about in in the US DH forum where someone is trying to do a GR 140 with frostburn.

I’m not convinced about the benefit of the gloves even when you get 85% chance to freeze and the extra up to 20% cold damage. You lose the enormous power of CoE (which is a separate multiplier) and with the huge amount of arrows and pierces from the GoD build I think you already have a big chance of freezing monsters with just the 35% from the Buriza. (I know that you use the Elusive ring in the cube right now, so using RoRG and Frostburn could be better if you’re not dependant on the Elusive ring to survive but not as good as CoE).
Someone also mentioned (in another thread) that the 50% chance from Frostburn isn’t 100% effective. It has a limited duration (if I remember correctly) - with Buriza it’s not the hit that freezes monsters that is 100% crit chance, it’s the following hit or hits that has that.
Finally there is the problem with monster immunity. So after being frozen for some seconds it’ll take a while for them to be frozen again.

Looking through the thread in the us forum again, I see that it’s agreed that Frostburn is not better than using the full set and CoE ring in cube. Even using Mantle of channeling and RoRG seems to be better than Frostburn… Of course this can vary a lot depending on your playstyle and the GR level.

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I will check the US forum