Ignore Pain Useless?

Hi fellow Barbs,

I got a question, i ve progressed to gr 105 using wastes set etc…
Now to make the next step i tried to copy the N1 barb on leaderboard and used the ignore pain build. while i know my gear isnt the best yet i do wonder why i get completely destroyed even while ignore pain is up. they just rip through and oneshot me, when it s up or not… so i do wonder how a barb can use ignore pain and progress? the top barbs arent using band of might … thx in advance for the replies all and be safe !

He probably has much higher paragon then you have getting a lot of paragon actually helps your survivability a lot. many builds are very scuishy at low paragon that become a lot more tanky with a bunch of lvls added

i really hope that s the reason, although i really dont understand how people can use ignore pain no matter what paragon. the 50% damage isnt nearly enough and especially at higher rifts they just oneshot you. imagine gr 145… i must be missing something else i think … rofl…

could be maybe you have another different skill or an item you are missing or it could be your not using the same affixes

but a lot of players underestimate the survivability boost you get from having full ancient items full caldesan and 1k-2k paragon

and dont forget player skill you may be looking at one of the best barb players out there

The proc from Band of Might gives you 80% mitigation.
Ignore Pain gives you 50% mitigation.

Top Barbs this season are equipping Focus+Restraint rings, Ambo’s + Doombringer weapons, whilst cubing ORotZ, CoE and BoM. The reason they don’t take Ignore Pain is because they require that ability slot for Ancient Spear / Rage Flip to gather mobs and because the mitigation from BoM is sufficient. They’re always casting Ground Stomp, not just for gathering of mobs / BoM proc’ing, but also because it’s required for the generation / spending alternating for the Focus+Restraint ring set.

What you’re probably discounting though, is the massive paragon difference between you and the top ranked players. Looking at your Barb, you have 946 paragon. The EU, S20, rank 1 solo Barb has 4136. That’s an advantage of 3190 paragon, which is 15950 STR / 15950 armour, which means they have a much higher mitigation than you do, and therefore can survive incoming damage much better than your hero.

At your paragon, you’re better off with equipping Istvan’s Paired Blades with Focus+Restraint, and cubing Ambo’s, BoM and ORotZ, because of the extra armour / mitigation the stacks from the paired blades gives you.

For an incredibly detailed guide on the WW/Rend build, which equipment to take at certain paragon levels, and so on, I’d recommend this…

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