I'm looking for an 'older person' clan

Are there any clans out there that are more biased towards the older player? I have been playing Diablo from the start so would like to find a clan that remembers those days as well. i am in the british time zone and I tend to play in the evening well into the night.

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I realise this might seem highly counter-intuitive as you’re a European player (judging by your Battlenet ID) but you’re probably better off asking in the US forum’s Clans & Communities forum, stating that you’re looking for an EU clan, as this forum seems to get very little activity. Oh, it might be an idea to state which time-zone you’re in (e.g. UTC, CET, and so on) and what times you tend to play.

Good luck with your search.

Thanks for your help

I am also looking for same as you. older person that play mostly after work. I am CET time zone

Like a true necromancer (the only class I play), I am reviving this post, as I am too looking for an adult group of players to hang out with. I myself am 33 (I think, I stopped counting at 27) and I’m throwing my back out trying to keep up with the young players. It’d be nice to have a safe, mature group to chat with and play with. :slight_smile: It would also be nice to hang out with other players who, like myself, don’t have time to play 24/7 or adhere to strict “you need to play at this and that time” rules.
Also in Europe. Not sure about the time zone. I always get those confused. I live in Norway for those who might wonder.

A quick Google for What time zone is norway shows that you’re in CET (Central European Time) which is UTC+1. Good luck with your search.

Hey guys!

We are looking for mature members, our avg age is in the mid 30’s and we host weekly events, check out the post labled under community creations fore more info!