Impale Question: Lighting or Cold?


It seems that my gear got Primal mostly on lighting:

Traveler Pledge primal with 20 lighting/100 chd / 10 cc
Quiver Primal for lighting
I even have a Stone of Jordan primal for lighting/chd/30 elite damage.

Is it Cold far better than lighting?

im not an expert on dh but cold and lightning are very close together and the choice for what element to go for is mostly dependent on gear drops.

This depends on how hard the content is that you intend to do. The lightning variant - ricochet - can hit a maximum of 9 targets (3 knives, splitting into 2 each). The cold variant - overpenetration - has no upper limit of targets, but the knives travel in a straight line. Cold only comes into its own where you have massive packs of mobs, so that you’re standing right next to the elite, and the knives you throw into the elite can also hit at least 9 other targets, i.e. once you’re hitting more than ricochet would.

If you’ve got excellent lightning gear, stick with ricochet for now. Unless you find similar cold-based gear, it’s unlikely that it will be worthwhile to swap over.

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thanks! it makes sense!

Overall, Lighting can be better than cold if player properly and kite+gather thrash all around the elites for a screen size.

i doubt i will soon find a cold primal quiver&amu with perfect stats. In the past 4 seasons ive played almost daily and its the first time i get a Traveler pledge with elem/chd/chc and the same for quiver :))

Which is better is determined by how many mobs you can hit with each cast. The higher the difficulty, the more likely you are to have lots of targets surrounding the elites. What GR level you find this cross-over point at will be determined by your gear but…

1-8 targets hit = lightning is better
9 targets hit = lightning and cold are the same
10+ targets hit = cold is better