Impale struggle at 110+

Hellooo, I’m going to start off by saying I’m a filthy casual…

I’ve done so much research into this and I can’t figure out anywhere else to go.
I would love if anyone could check my profile for my impale demon hunter and maybe tell me what’s wrong here. I know I am missing a couple CHC in places but I feel like I have 99% of the right rolls with some decent augments with a decent 1k of paragon. Yes I’ve watched numerous players on youtube pass much higher grs copied their gameplay (rolling in to get damage off, sitting in melee range on top of elites, spamming knives and keeping my resources full for aquila)

I’m missing out on damage some how with what I think is pretty damn good gear after playing a couple seasons as well as I am dying.
Even looking at the leader boards, I seem to have better gear than some of these folk and I’m just not putting out the damage or surviving.

Seriously any help would be greatly appreciated

If you have the same gear it’s play style and luck

With Impale on moderate levels you can target the Elite Grp exclusivly and then kill and move on.

To win the higher levels where you are going to need to work on the elites for 60 seconds you are going to need to use the non elite packs as the kills that keep the purple bars close and then the elite kill pushes progress.

You need to maximize not burst damage but rather sustained overall damage by pulling multiple elites or by building large mob Balls so your impale pierces the maximum number of mobs per throw.

You will skip all elites that are perfect counters to your main damage type.

Then just play till you get the perfect pylon and mob density .

For staying alive i cant recall but i always found the build super tankish. But then again I used Vault exclusively to move and I move ALOT Vault SHoot Vault Shoot …fan of knives …vault … X 2000 … but 110 … is probably a gear wall. It may be there that all Ancient with 450 points ish of man stat added with clandestine’s … like 15000-17000 main stat and then … you just grind paragon… I always give up when I hit the point where you are these days.

Some of your gear pieces need to be replaced. For example, you’re missing 6% CHC on your helm and 10% CHC on your quiver. Your chest and legs are missing All Resist.

For example, with her current gear…

Impale damage breakdown…

  • Cost: 16.56 Hatred
  • Damage: 32,440,042,667
  • First Target Bonus: 3,244,004,266,739
  • Total Damage: 97,320,128,002
  • DPS: 278,057,508,578
  • Breakpoint: 21 frames


  • Damage 2,343,714
  • Toughness 739,924,621
  • Recovery 304,818,685

With the suggested changes…

Impale damage breakdown…

  • Cost: 16.56 Hatred
  • Damage: 40,358,075,175
  • First Target Bonus: 4,035,807,517,537
  • Total Damage: 121,074,225,526
  • DPS: 345,926,358,646
  • Breakpoint: 21 frames


  • Damage 2,915,773
  • Toughness 526,623,699
  • Recovery 350,118,959

That’s an increase in damage from approximately 278 billion to 346 billion, or just over 24% more damage.

I really appreciate the reply guys!

@Jitter I will look into altering my play style. Yeah it feels like a weird wall that’s inching.

@Meteorblade so you think adding 260 all res will allow me to tank well past gr 110? those 2 pieces are the cure to me dying? as well as I noticed the main chest armor has some pretty looking secondaries which are probably pretty rare to get that full combo. (I also know adding paragon dex main stat will help me be more tanky too)

My crit chance definitely needs to go up and will be prioritizing that. Thank you for pointing that out.

And something I can’t seem to wrap my head around is this diablo damage calculator… you have added a higher crit chance as well as made some attack speed rolls…

From my understanding, I can see how dps or damage over time would increase…
but to me I am already pounding out the flat damage you see, 7% attack speed is just slightly increasing the rate that I dish my damage out, But i see people in much higher GRs on youtube slinging much more intense flat damage numbers and I don’t think attack speed is my main priority.

Unless the diablo calculator takes the 7% AS and converts it into hard flat damage as well? potentially increasing AS would increase the value of the damage numbers I see?

I feel as though adding 7-14% attack speed is something of small significance that shouldn’t be holding me back from GR 120 like most of the leader boards.

A great place for me to start will be looking for that 20-30% crit chance increase :sweat_smile:

side note:

Here is a video I am referencing and I would just pop like one shot if i set foot in anything 110+ but here she hangs out and can tank very decently, steady damage output, yet in some instances her gear isn’t “ideal” or even remotely desirable to some guides.

my stats
her stats at 19:05

This is atrocious compared to her numbers and the biggest difference minus the crit chance is the addition of paragon levels/augments dex main stat. Is that really most of the tank and damage?

Any more input is greatly appreciated.
Thank you guys for your time!

The CHC on helm and quiver replaced VIT. The All Resist on Chest / Legs were replacing Armour. I made absolutely no changes what-so-ever to the Attack Speed affixes on your hero’s gear.

At no point have I advocated adding AS to your gear. As to you doing GR120 solo, you’re unlikely to manage to do that when your paragon is at your current level and you don’t have high-end Caldesann’s Despair on the gear. Take a look at my Impale DH…
If I remember rightly, the highest I’ve done with her is a GR118.

The video you linked is by Trepchains, a really, really good DH. In that video you’ll also notice that she has 4300 paragon. That’s 3117 more paragon than yours. That equates to (3117 * 5) more DEX, which is 15,585 DEX, which corresponds to a huge amount more damage and armour.

For example, with absolutely zero changes to your gear, and adding 3117 more paragon, this would be the result…

Impale damage breakdown…

  • Cost: 16.56 Hatred
  • Damage: 48,460,477,904
  • First Target Bonus: 4,846,047,790,425
  • Total Damage: 145,381,433,713
  • DPS: 415,375,524,894
  • Breakpoint: 21 frames


  • Damage 4,901,613
  • Toughness 1,269,967,496
  • Recovery 523,174,673

So, that’s 145 billion damage versus your current 97 billion.
Also notice that your toughness has almost doubled.

You’ll notice that about 15 minutes into the video you can see her character sheet and she has around 5.9 million sheet damage and 31,844 DEX.

ahhhh I apologize, I believe I had previously already made a tab looking at your DH and gotten my tab mixed up with yours…I saw 3 pieces of your gear with AS when I was looking at your link previously with a couple other changes.
I thought you were subtly/secretly increasing the damage numbers on me xD

I will try and start with CHC and AR

Well Meteorblade, thank you so much for looking over this. I guess paragon really is the final push that allows for leniency and quite an intense damage/toughness boost.
Thank you for your time!

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