Inarius Poison Scythe vs LoD Poison Scythe

Can anyone explain to me why LoD Poison Scythe build is stronger? Inatius set give 10000% extra damage will full Lod gem give 9750% ?

You should also factor the items individually. With the sets usually you are locked with 6 items (or 5 + 1 ring), whereas with the lod you have more freedom and can opt for more toughness and/or damage for these slots. I 've only played the LoD variation last season and i am guessing that it is tankier than Inarius. Unity, stone gauntlets-ice climbers combo, Razeth shoulders, Aquila and the 52% dmg reduction from the gem are going to surpass the tankiness of Inarius. Plus, you also don’t rely on your bone armor stacks but you are more interested in the stun proc. 10000 is only 1.03 times greater than 9750. That 3% is insignificant if you look at the big picture here. For your damage output, every GR is 17% harder than the previous one, so 3% is a lot less than even one GR difference in terms of damage. On the other hand, by using Andariel’s Visage you can get 7% attack speed (which is amazing for this build) and 20% more damage for your poison skills. These 2 multipliers here have way more impact than the 3% difference between 10000 and 9750. With that being said, at the moment, Inarius is slightly weaker than the LoD version but it still is a strong build overall. As it stands right now (Season 22), every tier list that i 've seen is placing Inarius just one tier behind LoD which is like a couple of GRs difference.