Inarius Wings & Pet have not shown up on xbox (D4 pre order bonus)

Since the Blizz ticket system has decided it will not allow me to contact support I will post here.

Pre-ordered D4 on xbox. Was told I had to wait until launch to get bonus items.
Received my items on Diablo Immortal.
Inarius Wings & Murloc pet absent from my xbox version of D3.
Yes battle net all connected.

No way to contact blizzard. Anyone else facing this issue>?

Ask on D4 forums ?

There doesn’t seem to be many cases of this occurring… I’d use the Console Bug Report forum if you can’t figure it out…


What menu item did you try to use for contact? Purchase failure?

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From Americas region D3 forums:

Looks like the wings and pet need to be downloaded ???
Does that make sense to you ?

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Finally remembered a thread on the French forums about this…

Do you read French ? if so, check this post: Ailes d'Inarius - nº 4 par GoulePoète-219823 - Console - Diablo 3 Forums

If not… here’s a rough translation :slight_smile: :

So, from “Home”

  • You go to the game logo and click on “other option” (the 3 horizontal dashes)
  • You go in Manage game and add-ons
  • You click on D3
  • and on Manage the installation on games
  • and, in Extension, you find the stuff for pre-ordering D4.

I hope this helps… and that the above steps makes sense to you.

Good luck !

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Hi, how did you solve this? For me, it has been 3 weeks since I purchased D4 and still no available download in the xbox console. And Microsoft said there is no issue on their side :frowning: