Inconsistent damage

Currently playing with a barbarian (1150 Paragon) with ~2300K DPS unbuffed, having cleared a 110 GR within 12 minutes and feeling happy about that.

But, in the past couple weeks, I find it impossible to clear a similar 110 GR.

The only thing changed is augmenting my existing gear. No items changed, or other enchantments to justify the dps loss.

I know about mobs’ resistances and all mechanics involved.

I can understand that failing a few GRs by mistakes or other random factors is a perfectly reasonable answer.

But having cleared a 110 GRs many times with far less DPS and upgrading my toon by +2000 STR points and +100 paragon levels up, I expected 110 GRs to be somehow…easier by now, in order to progress.

Now its impossible to clear in time, wasting keys and my time.

Are you experiencing same game behavior? Is there a reason behind this?

PS. Pardon me for QQing, my main is a mage :slight_smile:

This hero…

Well, I can’t spot why you’ve previously done a GR110 and now can’t but I can offer suggestions for how to improve it.

Equip Focus, Restraint and Flavor of Time. Cube BoM and ORotZ. The 225% bonus damage from keeping up both F+R buffs is very strong this season.

This should have a diamond in for CDR. You need to keep up WotB 100%.

Re-roll the Life Per Hit to 20% Physical damage to match the element of Rend / Bloodbath.

Ideally, you’d want some with CDR rather than AS, as Rend does not benefit from AS.

You need a Lamentation with a higher value on the Rend bonus. Look for something with at least 145%.

Missing +15% Rend

There’s no point having +WW damage on boots any more as almost all of your damage is coming from Rend. So, you’d want STR / VIT / All Res / Armour.

Neither of your weapons has CDR on them, so it’ll be unlikely you’re capable of keeping up WotB 100%. This is essential. Look for STR / 10% CDR / 24% AD. When pushing higher, you’ll be looking for Rogue / Slanderer rather than BK weapons.

As you’re using the BK weapons, you won’t struggle for fury generation so your choice of Whirlwind / Blood Funnel is correct. However, you don’t need two sources of sustain, so you should change to Battle Rage / Into The Fray, as this gives a huge boost to your damage when in density. At higher pushes, you’ll also need to drop War Cry for Ancient Spear / Rage Flip to aid gathering mobs.

Further reading…

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Meteorblade, thank you for your detailed reply.

I will follow your advice.


Edit: Just passed 112 GR thanks to you. /respect

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