Incorrect set level

Just got my wizard set for the season. I keep all Haedrig’s gifts until the last is complete.
I collected all the gifts, took them to Cain’s book, and was a bit frustrated to find that everything was level 70, except my helm. My helm was level 47.
Double checked all the other equipment (70). “When did I get that finish that season chapter? - no idea.”
Considered using Kanai to reforge, but I don’t have anywhere near the mats.

Oh well. Moving on. Heading to do a greater rift as I look down and notice MY PARAGON LEVEL IS 47.
Seems the programming on the helm my have glitched. When you redeem haedrig’s gift, the item is level 70 or current level, whichever one is lower. But it looked at my PARAGON level not realizing my character level was 70+.

Anyone have similar?

Does the helm have a secondary affix with reduced level requirement?