Inspiration or advices

Hello im kinda new to diablo and just wanted to know if you guys could check out my demon hunter and give some advices im not sure how to get further up.

Thanks in advance!

Your DH is wearing a pure UE6 build.
I think many DHs use UE6+CC3 build now. But that is another topic.

Focus on your current build. Your are wearing UE6, F&R rings. I have some comments:

  • amulet: HF amulet for 5th passive, or Squirt’s Necklace for double damage.

  • leg. gem: replace Sticken with Powerful for HF amulet, or Gizzard for Squirt. Sticken is useful only if you takes a long time (e.g. 2 min.) to kill a rift guardian without it.

  • gem on helm: use Diamond for cooldown reduction. You need about 36.7% CDR on the sheet to keep 100% uptime of Vengeance, which will solve the hatred generation problem.

  • jewelry slot on cube: I can’t see it on your profile page (may be due to a website bug), if it is a RoRG, it is useless because you are wearing the full set. Change it to Conversion of Element for damage.

  • armor slot on cube: Aquila Cuirass don’t fit in UE builds. Swap to Visage of Gunes for damage reduction, or Cindercoat for resource reduction.

  • bow: try to get an ancient Yang. Ancient weapon is ~30% more damage than non-ancient.

  • quiver: try to get one with 12 discipline, which will give about 3-4% improvement than your current one. Of course, an ancient will be even better.

  • bracers: get +%Fire because you are using Multishot/Arsenal which is Fire.

  • other gears: try getting some CDR so that you get enough for permanent Vengeance.

  • passives:

    • Ballistic - essential to Multishot/Arsenal.
    • Thrill - crowd control and proc Cull the Weak and Bane of the Trapped.
    • Cull the Weak/Steady Aim
    • Ambush for farming, or Single Out for pushing

    If you use HF amulet, choose both Cull the Weak and Steady Aim.

If you are interested in UE6+CC3 build, you may reference my build: