Installation problem diablo 3

Dear Blizzard

I am Meszlényi Márk I bought a merely used ( he unboxed and try the game one time) Diablo 3 battle chest dvd from N Dániel, and i have some problem about the installation. Despite i try restart the installation, and the battlenet ,and my computer it not work. i always got a message and the lauch is not starting , i try typing the game key in the your website code section for maybe i cloud download the program, after that the dvd install is not work . but that also not works. what i should do to solve this problem. My email adress is If you would like i cloud send a photo or video from the original dvd, the code, and the problem
my system is intel(R) Core™ i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.70 GHz, 64 bit , ram : 8 gb, op system: Windows 10 Pro ver: 22H2, video: Geforce GT 730 so in my computer the game should run, please help me , thank you
Sincerely :
Meszlényi Márk


Please remove your email address from your post; this is a public forum and anyone with Internet access can read your post. Use the pencil tool under your post to enter the edit mode.

Blizzard has your e-mail address since they have access to your Battle.Net account.

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What is the message that you are getting ?

I assume you mean the “Redeem a code” box here: ?

Do you get a message after entering the code and clicking on “Redeem Code” ?

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The battle chest contained a license code which is what gives access to the full game (as opposed to the starter edition). The person you bought this from used that code. The code (and the license it grants) cannot be transferred. The DVD / code you bought is worthless, as the code’s already in use as it belongs to the account the seller used it on.

If you want the game, buy it from the Blizzard store.

Yeah - that’s what I think too… but thought I would ask… :slight_smile:

In any case, MMárk should still be able to install D3…

Cheers !

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