Intelligent drops

When rolling for a drop the game favours your current class, and then is it possible that it favours your other played seasonal characters, and finally maybe totally random ?

As an example, I farm on my Necro and also levelled a DH only yesterday.

Is it possible the game does this for loot rolls:

70% chance to drop Necro specific stuff or +Intelligence stuff
25% chance to drop DH stuff (eg Bows, Crossbows, +Dex)
5% chance to drop random affixes (eg +STR)

Because the above would probably describe the loot distribution I have been getting from rifts and bounties.

The Smart Loot 2.0 system has 85% (if I remember correctly) chance of dropping items for your current class. If you want to re-roll for another class, just switch to that hero first.

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