Is it a good class to play ?

I want to start playing Diablo again, and I want the input of players, is it a fun class to play ?

What is it missing ?

What do you like ?

What do you dislike ?

Looking forward for your reply.

Yes it is

Thats personal… (different for everyone)

Thats personal… (different for everyone)

Thats personal… (different for everyone)

Personal oppinion here,

It is a very nice character to play. Very diverse, in a way where you can have a caster build (corpse lance), a pet build (Rathma and LoD mages), a support, a trash clearer (poison/blood nova), a melee build with scythe and even a thorns build… So you can try many different things with necro.

It has the potential of dealing some of the highest damage in the game. Very good at killing single targets like rift guardians and bosses. This comes with a drawback. It is super squishy… Honesly, if you enter high rifts, everything that sneezes on you, you 'll just die. On the other hand if you play with a group and have a 4-man team with 2 supports you can just chill at the back lines and do all the damage.

It is not something i would recommend to a new player. Especially, not something that i would try in hardcore. Appart from other things (like knowledge of game mechanics, itemizations, correct usage of spells and cooldowns, what enemy types to avoid) which is something that is true for every class, Necromancer requires very good positioning too, since you can die from just anything. And corpse management. Corpses are your way of generating life and resource (Mana) or producing spells and damage. In other worlds, you have to be more concentrated when playing as a necro. Not a good or a bad thing. Just a fact.

Very good also for groups. Especially for paragon farming. The way it is usually done: a 4 man group flash farms high level rifts with 2-3 necromancers and another support, that can literally clear the entire screen in seconds. Of course, you 'll need a team with good coordination to do that. Usually 4 necromancers (1 support, 3 dps) or 3 necromancer (1 support, 2 dps) and something like a barbarian.

As for the thing i dislike most about the necromancer (appart for being punishingly squishy while playing solo) is the fact that most of the possible builds come with a spell called --> land of the dead. It is a very strong buff that lasts for 10 seconds and has a 120 seconds cooldown. So basically, everytime you 'll have to plan and manage your playstyle around that spell.

I would personally, start with an easier character.
My suggestions:

  1. Barbarian - Immortal King set with Hammer of the Ancients
  2. Barbarian - Whirlwind/Rend with Wrath of the Wastes set
  3. Crusader - Blessed shield aka Captain America (Legacy of Dreams)
  4. Witch doctor - Helltough set with Gargantuans (Pet build)
  5. Demon Hunter - Impaler with Shadows Mantle set
  6. Monk - Tempest rush with Patterns of Justice Set

It’s a good job this is the Necromancer forum, as you just raised a thread from the dead. It’s from five months ago! The original poster already went ahead and bought the Necromancer DLC…

Captain America is Blessed Shield, not Blessed Hammer. It gets its name from the fact that it throws shields around, like Captain America does.

Obviously a mistake on my behalf. Blessed hammer is for hammerdin builds… Thank you