Is there a problem with WD damage?

I am stumped… today my seasonal WD with 847k sheet damage can barely kill stuff on T8, but my S27 WD that lost it sanctified weapon can still steamroll T16 with only 287k dps, both Arachyr Spider builds.

And my seasonal DH is up to GR80 with 378k dps, but my WD with more than twice the sheet dps barely scratches monsters in a T16 game.

What is going on???

Ensure that you are getting the bonus for the 6-piece set… or, if you’re playing LoD, that you don’t have a set bonus somewhere.

Sometimes, items of different sets look alike… I’m not familiar with the WD but on the Barb, the pants from the IK set can be easily confused with those of the Waste set.

Don’t rely on sheet damage… it is does not include a lot of the bonuses.

Good luck !


The six pieces of the Arachyr set are a very distinctive purple colour and usually it’s the helm that’s dropped from the set pieces, to make way for the Mask of Jeram. So, as you’ll only have 5/6 of the set pieces equipped, this will rely on your hero either wearing a Ring of Royal Grandeur, or having that power active in the Cube. Did you accidentally swap out too many set pieces, or maybe swap out a RoRG? Anyway, check your gear against this example…