Is vitality is important on diablo 3

is vitality is important on diablo 3

Depends on character, build paragon lvl. Which is on your mind?

Generally you want just enough Vitality to ensure that you don’t die (too often), and you spend the rest of your paragon points on Strength, as that provides damage (1 point of STR = 1% damage) and mitigation (1 point of STR = 1 armour).

If you want to play defensively, aim for 1,000,000 HP.
If you want to play normally, aim for 750,000-850,000 HP.
If you want to play glass cannon, aim for 650,000 HP.

Glass cannon is absolutely not recommended if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, if you’re new or have low paragon (as you don’t have the STR to provide lots of mitigation from armour).

i play as Barbarian and have high paragon

954 is not high paragon.

I got more than that in the first week of Season 19, in under 35 hours played.

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If you got walk speed on boots 11/12% add 13% from para the rest to strength unless you need mana.

And yes what he said 1k paragon you get maybe 2-3 days when season starts

As this is the Barbarian forum, mana isn’t really much of a consideration unless we’re throwing witch doctors at enemies. :wink:

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Usually you wanna spend your paragon into your main stat as it will give damage reduction. And when you augment you still do it to increase the main stat. Vitality is somewhat important I guess but most of the time the vit you get from torso, helmet, pants, boots, belt is enough and ideally you don’t want vitality on your amulets/rings and weapons since the other affixes are more important. That’s why most of the guides don’t suggest putting more points into vitality. However during early progression until you have tones of main stats, it’s not that unusual to dump a couple hundreds of paragon points into vitality if you feel like you really need it.

What makes you really tanky most of the time ( appart from set bonuses, buffs, items with specific damage reduction multipliers like band of might or Aquila cuirass ) is armor and elemental resistance . As a Barb you want to get elemental resistances on your items cause you can increase armor infinitely with strength (paragon and augments). Some builds (very few actually) don’t need any cooldown reduction so in that case you can favor vitality as there aren’t any better options. For example amethyst in the helmet instead of diamond.

My suggestion is, do not sacrifice any affix that you can’t get with paragons (or any of the three tabs that cap at 50/50) for vitality when you reroll an item.

Sorry my bad I meant to type fury I forgot the word lol