Item change suggestion

Since diablo 3 vanilla my favorite class is demon hunter, and it has many items that are not used and many of my favorite skills I cannot use to effectively kill monsters outside of leveling 1 to 70. So I have some ridiculous ideas to maybe make it possible.

  1. Elemental Arrow
    There are items for this skill, sadly the devs forgot to put damage multiplier on them.
  • Kridershot, we could put + 300 - 600% damage on top of the generated hatred ( needs to be tested)
  • Cluckeye, the chicken could be elemental arrow rune (maybe +200% damage on top). For total mayhem, change the animation to look like wizard’s frozen orb with feather explosion and physical damage.
  • Augustine’s Panacea, is ok - but i would remove the ball lightning effect, as it melts diablo 3 Servers.
  • Marauder Set was initially designed for elemental arrow, but for total mayhem we could alter the God Set slightly by change the 2, 4, 6er multiplier to also effect hatred generating skills. Then use Kridershot. It would not be a top build because it doesn’t get the multiplier from depth diggers, hunter’s wrath or the gem.
  1. Chakram
    I thought maybe we could use some mechanics like the Necros Grim Scythe with Leger’s Disdain.
  • Spines of Seething Hatred Chakram deal x% damage and generates 10 hatred for every enemy hit.
  • Sword of Ill Will = Chakram deals x% for every point of hatred it restores.
  • and some new bracers or reused old that add charges to Chakram skill
  • Chakrams damage either scales with attack speed or moves faster depending on your attack speed
  1. Danetta Set
    This is not really a skill, but disappointing that it cannot be used.
    Idea of the change: use vault constantly to escape from danger and use your shadow clones to distract the enemies.
    New Set Bonus:
  • Vault costs 8 hatred instead of discipline.
  • Vault increases the damage your enemies take from your skills and your shadow clones by 200% for 8 Seconds for every clone you have. Shadow clones don’t take damage and stay for 8 Seconds (refreshes by vaulting). You can not have more than 4 clones.