Its going to be a slaughter, advise me

Can anyone advise me on my build? I am still getting destroyed in GR. I can’t seem to pull off a GR 70 alone. If I play a GR 100 I am getting one shotted, 1 shot kill from anytihng in the GR. What do I need to change in my build to get the best results I can at this point? It also kills me how the wizard is always the slowest out of the group even when he runs. I know it will be harsh but advise me if you can. What do I need to change in my build to stop dying so fast?

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The EU forums are very quiet.

You might get a much better response if you post this on the US Wizard forum, especially as your hero is also on the US server, so people might be able to invite you into a game to see if the issue is how you’re playing it, rather than how you’ve geared it.

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you lack armor
more armor
and you have the wrong kanai
the 3 pieces of kanai are not correct
look at my magician
you can guide yourself
notice that almost all the items wear armor
I eat a 120 without excessive problems