Jade needs love. Badly

Witchdoctor has a really strong build with Mundunugu.

But my favourite is Jade, by far.
To me, it’s the most engaging and satifying set to play.
Sadly it has fallen way too behind. And even moreso when you compare it to other classes.
It has not seen changes aside from the Ring of Emptiness change, in ages.

What I suggest are simple but strong changes that keeps the playstyle intact, but gives it much needed QoL and a bump in damage.

Firstly Haunting Girdle should give all Haunt runes.
In addition it should double the attackspeed of Haunt.
As well as keeping the +1 extra Haunt.

6set damage reduction buffed to 80%

And lastly Quetzalcoatl
Increasing the damage of Haunt and Locust Swarm by 200% - 300%

Yes all these changes are a big buff, but I confidently think it’s what’s needed for it to be competitive in todays balance.
Hopefully Blizzard listens to those of us who enjoy Raiment of the Jade Harvester, but feel left behind.

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Jade has a very unique playstyle that cannot be imitated by any LoD setup. Would be certainly nice to bring it to the same tier as Mundu and / or Zuni.