Ladder needs this update

I believe the most obvious ladder minus is that you are competing with everybody at once and there is no way to filter stuff.
Which leads to most sets and builds being garbage.

For example I’d like to see my standing of WD Arachyrs set vs other WD Arachyrs set users, not JUST against whole WD community in general.

Now, there’s no reason at all to touch Arachyrs set, why would I? It’s underpowered in comparison to other sets, and there’s no way for me to compete.

In this new ladder - filterable system I could still play Arachyrs and enjoy it. Because I’d always have a goal.

Ive seen your post before on us forum i believe.
As much as I’d like to say i disagree with you, im not a competitive person in video games, and having such a huge damage gap between different sets, it wouldn’t be such a bad of a thing. And would let players who prefer certain play styles enjoy the game more.