Law of Kulle & Lion's Claw - problem with ancients?

I just tried to upgrade an old Lion’s Claw in Kanai’s Cube, hoping for another ancient or (just maybe maybe) a primal one.

After 42(!) reforges, I still didn’t see a single ancient one, which statistically is so remotely unlikely that I should already have won on the lottery, despite not even having bought a ticket there. (almost, but I should’ve seen at least one ancient with appx 99% probability given that ancients should be roughly 1 in 10.)

My question; Has someone else noticed severely lowered chances at getting ancients via Kanai’s Cube recently?

This was done just now today, and was done on a non-seasonal, softcore monk, whilst wearing an ancient Lion’s Claw.


Nope. Getting the same result as 1 in 100 people might get is unlucky, but it’s not broken.

It’s RNG i’m sure. I tried to reforge a Litany of the undaunted. Over 60 attempts and no ancient. That used up all my mats.