Legacy of dreams gem

Help needed
Has anybody else got this problem ?
LOD gem doesn’t work. I put it in an amulet or ring NOTHING CHANGES. It is at lvl 70. ive maxed it to 75 still nothing. I don’t have any set items. I have 10 ancient legendaries.

Could you please elaborate how the ring “does not work” ? If you expect that the ring will significantly buff your sheet damage, that won’t happen.

What would you expect to happen if the ring “works” ?
Just make a GR70 run with and without LoD and you should notice a difference.

If you mean that the damage value on your character sheet doesn’t change, that’s entirely as expected as multiplicative bonuses are never displayed there.

However, there’s a very simple way to check whether the Legacy of Dreams gem (or the Legacy of Nightmares ring set) are in effect and you can do this in town. Open your character sheet, click on the details button, then hover your mouse over one of your elemental resistances. If you have the LoD or LoN bonus in effect, you’ll see what’s shown in the following screenshot…
The first figure is the mitigation provided from the elemental resistance and the second figure is the mitigation provided by LoD or LoN, which is 4% for every ancient equipped (2% for every non-ancient legendary in the case of the LoD gem).

So, you have 10 ancient legendaries and 3 non-ancient legendaries. This means that second figure should be (10 * 4%) + (3 * 2%) = 46% for your hero. Note that it could be much higher than that if you have an Aquila Cuirass active, as that also contributes to the second figure.

Hope that helps.