Legacy of Dreams vs Wastes set

When i came over the Legacy of Dreams gem i thought it was amazing since you could have the freedom of using legendaries and still be viable but now im not quite sure. I came across a Barb Paragon 640 and was surprised he was doing GR 65 pretty fast while i cant even damage these guys even though im higher than him in Paragon. I had 2000 more strength than him but he was wearing the Wastes set which gives him some insane boosts like +10 000% damage with rend AND whirlwind which is crazy.

My legacy of Dreams only gives at rank 40 153% increase in damage per legandary item. But even maxed out at Rank 99 it will still be way subpar to that set. It gives 375% and you have 13 items so that ends up beeing only 4875%.

The Legacy of Dreams gem gives 750% damage bonus for ancient / primal ancient items, i.e. double the bonus it gives for non-ancient legendaries. This means if you have 13 ancients / primals, that’s 9750% bonus damage.

Having said that, if you want to use the LoD, you’re pretty much looking at using HOTA. Regardless, it’s way, way less effective than Whirlwind/Rend with Wastes.