LF Clan (EU/PC)


I’m looking for a clan who are keen on season progression (and perhaps aren’t too fussed about it). My personal goal in S19 is to get on the leader board, for that I expect that I’ll need to join with people who run group GRs to push gem levels.

If you think I fit the bill, please let me know!

taw is recruting aktive players for S19. teamplay and dont be afraid of using teamspeak . If interested add me boedha#2941

Hello there, we are a new relaxed clan, you can join us if you want. We are often also on Discord just chilling with a drink or two chatting while doing group content. Our community is mall, but active.

We will expand more next year with bigger plans.

Our name is Dominion SO , you can also read about us here: New clan (PC/EU): Dominion SO looking for members (new players also welcome) - #3 by Diabloso-21697