LFG S19 start EU

Hi guys,

LFG for s19 start going to go for a ww/rend barb.
Ideal group comp would be 2 ww barbs 1 zmonk and for 4th either a dh a zbarb or maybe crusader. Starting with a 4man group like this would mean an ideal s19 start.

Planning on playing a lot first weekend but for the group as long as you are going to finish 1-70 and havent done your CR your invited :smiley:

reply or add me
zealos# 2325

The group seems to be full

Joined as either zdps monk or Dh, so we’re still looking for another ww barb and a zdps monk/dps :slight_smile:

Up to join as ww barb

WW Barb here ;] if u still have spot inv : overyo#2411

hi add me if your still interested or post your battletag

If you hover your mouse over the name of a poster, your browser will show a preview of the URL it would take you to, which includes their Battletag, e.g. if you hover over mine it would have Meteorblade-2266 at the end of the URL. Just replace the minus sign with a hash and you have their tag.

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thats so handy to know :smiley: