LoD Blessed Shield questions

Heya, what is the build right now for LoD BS? Are peeps running the stone gauntlets + ice climbers or the previous LoN version with illusory boots?

Much obliged, cheers! <3

Recently discussed on the US Crusader forum…

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Am getting there! (sadly not with my fire build, still need gauntlets / boots ancient) but can speed GR105 as holy with about 5m left (depends on map ofc, some are better, others slower like lots of tunnels etc), and I found out something that really works well for me (obv not for pushing, but for leveling gems and farming legendaries, as I can do GR100 with 10-11m left which is damn good), went all on attack speed (with gogok and stricken as gems as I can drop the esoteric now with 11 our of 13 items being ancient), I already have 2.3 attacks second before gogok / laws activation (and am running the 10s law passive which makes it to be up all time) which means every time I hit my holy cycle or get in a dmg pool (either from follower proc or purple one from triune buff) stuff pretty much evaporates (if I get a speed pylon it’s GG pretty much).

So yeah, once I get magefist or stone gauntlets with good rolls and ancient (and get enough mats or luck out on rerolling pants) I will switch back to fire, until then… Holy batman! <3