LoD Chain Lightning with Hydras & Manald

Those of you who want to play non-meta fun control build with Lightning theme check out my current setup.

You can push anything with it after you get Ancient bonus from LoD and start cubing your main stat on gear.


Nice… how does it compare to the more typical fire hydra?

Mammoth Hydras? I dont think they are viable, their pool of lava is way too slow. Maybe with Firebird’s Set, but set effects need redesigning.

I chose Lightning because it never misses, has nice control and theme. Might try main handing Rimeheart if I roll perfect Primal, but so far Echoing Fury is way too good, since it amps attack speed up 70%. Obviously Frost Hydra with Typhon’s Set do more damage at this point, but like I said its off-meta and I like LoD because it lets me be more flexible with the gear.

Primay Skills definitely need some damage buffs.

I see. I might try your idea since I 've found a primal amulet with lightning damage that fits and I guess this is a good time to put it to good use. I think though the lod fire hydras is not weak. I tried it a few times for last season to take a break from my main character and it felt good. I pretty much followed the icy veins guide. I can play off meta and “strange” builds, no problem. I try them many times.

Yeah Mammoth and Blazing Hydras will work but they wont be the highest or fastest dps. Likewise if you want stronger Lightning Hydras you want to use Deathwish, Sigil and change the belt & pauldrons for more Arcane Torrent lightning damage and less mana drainage.

You can drop Hydras and play Lightning Torrent & Lightning Meteor if you Cube Meteor damage variant if you manage to not go oom, but Im sticking with Chain Lightning & Hydras for my “fantasy”. Myken and Camaral could buff Electrocute way more like stacking lightning damage or xxx% dps or increase Paralysis proc rate etc. It feels way too weak currently as it is.