LoD death Nova questions

Hi everyone

Is there a kind soul that can point me to a decent LoD death Nova necromancer guide?

I 've tried it today and I really liked the playstyle. The only thing that sucked was the single target damage.

I consulted many guides but they aim to make you tanky and destroy huge packs of enemies but they don’t explain how to take down the rift guardian.

I finished a gr100 a few hours ago. I didn’t have much trouble progressing through the rift and managed to stay alive pretty effortlessly. But when the rift guardian appeared it was quite an ordeal to take him down. I even had a bane of stricken and corpse lance with a physical rune since my gear is rolled to buff the physical damage of blood nova.

Is it a good idea to start rolling corpse lance damage everywhere that I can in the expense of death nova and other tanky affixes? Also I have to start considering lowering my cooldowns significantly since land of the dead is the only way to generate corpses.

If you find a channeling pylon I guess you can mitigate the huge cooldown but I am looking for a more consistent and reliable source of single target dps.

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Thanks for the reply. That’s a seasonal build. I’ll give it a try in season 20.