Looking for clan (EU/PC)


I’m a returning player for season 19. I’m looking for a new clan where i can fit in.
Just some info about myself, 30y from belgium. For this season i want to main Monk (try out the new set), but i’m also thinking to go for a Barb so i can join the new meta (probably) for exp farm runs. If required for group play i can also make another char for whatever class is missing.

Nothing to hardcore, just some chill and relax place to hangout and players to play with is more then enough for me.

If you are looking for new friends in game, you can always add me to team up with.

Greetings Cactus#21813

taw is recruting aktive players for S19. teamplay and dont be afraid of using teamspeak . If interested add me boedha#2941

Hello there, we are a new relaxed clan, you can join us if you want. We are often also on Discord just chilling with a drink or two chatting while doing group content. We are a small, but active community.

Our name is Dominion SO , you can also read about us here: New clan (PC/EU): Dominion SO looking for members (new players also welcome) - #3 by Diabloso-21697

hi, i would be interested to join you guys and see the clan, please add me as i don’t find you btag


I added you :slight_smile: Do join our Discord when you can (link is in clan info), that is where we mostly communicate and quite often just chit chat. We are all hyped for the new season!