Looking for season 20 rat grp

looking for a NON casual season 20 rat 4 man grp, planing to play dps rat

Lazer#21967 no casuals pls, trying to push paragon as much as possible, aswell no slackers and no leavers. Let’s have some fun at voice, and make this a great season together.

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Earns just 952 paragon in Season 19…
…asks for non-casuals in Season 20. :crazy_face:

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hey buddy thats true couldnt play this season. Aswell i have a 2nd account which is in use for d3 and wow :slight_smile:

If you’re up for something hit me up

Hi there,
I am also looking for a group for rat runs on the opening weekend, I am happy to play z-necro or LOD Mage. Add me for the rat runs if you want.
Battle tag DrakeNovice#2924