Lost all my saves and purchases

I wonder if any of you kind people could help me.
I have been offline for health reasons for over a year and now that my health issue is sorted I would like to play again. But when I logged in, I noticed my “boobetta#2590” tag had changed to “MagicTurtle.” I understand why, for obvious reasons. So I changed my tag to Minihag which came with #2501 at the end. I also had to change my email address as I’d been hacked.
(1 year ago my tag was “boobetta#2590” and now it is “Minihag#2501”)

I have lost all my friends, all my saves and the crusader and necromancer upgrade, which I paid for.

I have opened 2 tickets one on the 14th Nov and the other 16th Nov but I havent had any response.


Anything to do with account ownership is going to have to be dealt with via customer support staff. Fellow players can offer you absolutely nothing other than positive thoughts for getting your account back. However, as console saves are local to the console (and not all go to the cloud), rather than server-side like on PC, you could be completely out of luck.

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The ticket response time is a lot longer at this time than the usual 24~48 hours; there is no official statistics but, from what I can read in other forums, it’s now about 2 weeks or more. Blizzard has been trying to reduce it back to a more acceptable length but, with the launch of CoD:Warzone 2 yesterday, it’s anyone’s guess on whether that will be possible in the short term.

On PC, those are managed by Battle.Net and Blizzard could retrieve/restore those. On a console, these might actually be managed through your Console account on XBox Live, PlayStation Network or Nintendo… see Diablo III Heroes Missing on Console - Blizzard Support .

I think you should contact your Console manufacturer and see what they can do about your account; depending on how Diablo III is managed on your specific console, you might have to re-download the game (or its DLC).

Good luck !

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