Make an offline mode for Diablo 4

I Copied this topic from the US forums i just wanna make it clear and say one thing to you blizzard just no and never again offline mode because it is where all the hacks and cheats come from more easily especially on console, i dont even know why they keep discussing and going on about it but anyway. no.


only online does suck.


Botting exists.

I want an offline mode for the “Campaign Mode” of the game because it would suck if your internet went down or some other kind of internet problem came up which made it impossible to play the game.
They can just have something like ‘PunkBuster’ or any other anti-cheat program to prevent people from cheating.

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Why do people still bring up offline mode.
It’s 2019, almost all games require internet access nowdays, and everybody has good enough internet.
This discussion made sense when D3 was being made, but not anymore


Because not everything needs to be online.

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If there will be 1 cheat on console i will demand a refund for diablo 4.

The advantages that the internet brings to a game outweigh the disadvantages of requiring a constant connection, i think most people understand and accept this now.

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WTF are you on about? People want OFFLINE. No one is asking for OFFLINE WHERE YOU CAN TRANSFER STUFF TO ONLINE. That’s not how OFFLINE ever worked in Diablo (“Diablo” 3 isn’t Diablo so the fact that they couldn’t prevent cheating on console has nothing to do with what ppl are asking for). Neanderthal fk

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I actually would want an offline mode to test, theorycraft and explore the game mechanics. First playthrough I would most likely do in an OFFLINE mode, to become familiar with the game.

I’m all up for it but sadly, it seems that blizzard is not.

Its not the issue of you or me being online 24/7, its the issue that Blizzard servers will NOT be always online, your internet provider can also be offline sometimes.
If I want OPTION to be offline and play this game why cant I have it? Because cheaters? Its offline, it only affects MY gameplay, not yours. If I want to cheat then give me that OPTION.
And the keyword here is OPTIONAL


How hard would it be to fix so that you can play “Campaign” in offline and “Adventure” mode online and have people just make a new character for that, we did the same with Diablo 2 and with Seasons in Diablo 3.
It’s always nice to have options and Blizzard is making an anti-cheat engine for online play for Diablo 4 anyways and they have already started with this in Diablo 3.

In my honest opinion here it would be nice to be able to play some Diablo 4 in “Campaign” when the servers are down and people wouldn’t be too mad at Blizzard for the maintenance time that could end being several hours long.
We don’t have to be rude about it, we can talk about it like adults, ok?

But I want to ask you guys do you really feel like this is such a bad idea?

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no sense game has to be only online

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The game should have an offline mode.
Valid reasons are;

  • sometimes due to construction there is no internet for several days.
  • playing with other people is not what everyone wants, there should be a choice (especially with the open-worldness coming in D4, I do NOT look forward to seeing other players!).
  • modding, altering and enjoying the game with cheats in your own environment (which is harmless to other people - sandbox principle).

Online mode, should be there too ofcourse, and stricly regulated for achievements, collections and a fair, hack-free ladder experience. But one does not have to exclude the other. They complement each other.

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Can someone explain me the diference between ofline and a private online room where u can play solo autist mode and no one can ever enter your server?

For obvious reasons like the shared overworld and anti-hack cheating. D4 will never have an offline mode, at least not on the PC. If you want to play D3 or D4 offline you can play the console version.

Not on console either i dont want no cheats

That’s the thing. D4 won’t have a solo-autist online room. Its going to be open world (except the dungeons).

Offline mode should be a thing and cheating exists no matter what you do it doesn’t matter if it is online or offline so get over it.

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Title : Diablo 4
Status : Cracked after 2 days
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They will NEVER make an offline mod.
We are in 2019. When the game is released it will be 2021 oe 2022.
Where are you living? North pole?

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