Marauder Cluster Arrow and Yang's Recurve

So I’ve come back after a rather long pause and started playing a DH. I’m enjoying the hell out of the Marauder set, but there is something I do not get.
If I look on the ladder and on Icy Veins, I see that the recommend weapon for the MArauder cluster arrow setup is Yang’s Recurve. I’m well awawre that I’m not that good a player, but why would I use a weapon that favors Multishot if I do not have Multishot in my lineup? Why not use e.g. Dawn instead, as that would reduce the cooldown of vengeance?
Can someone enlighten me what I am missing?

Yang's Recurve - Game Guide - Diablo III

You are missing the built-in resource cost reduction of up to 50%.

Great, thank you. That would explain it.

Also, be aware, from the “Multishot GR Push” Marauder guide.

This is the version described in the main sections of this guide. It focuses on high damage with a strategic playstyle. The difference to Cluster Arrow is marginal, they are able to reach exactly the same levels.

So, you can easily switch between the two, for whichever variant you prefer the playstyle of. Multishot you tend to place turrets around the edge to fire in covering as much of the battlefield, whilst Cluster Arrow you put them in a tight group to benefit most from explostions.

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