Mirror images not casting all spells?

Hello all, I’ve been trying to test out a mirror image build and I have used all spell/abilities. So far the only spells my mirror images cast is ‘frost nova and spectral blades’, nothing more.
Yes I have tried casting/using the spells myself and still nothing but the 2 spells listed.
Just wondering is this normal? As the description says it casts spells for 10% dmg that you deal.

Summon 2 illusionary duplicates of yourself that taunt nearby enemies for 1 second, last for 7 seconds and have 50% of your Life.

Spells cast by your Mirror Images will deal 10% of the damage of your own spells.

Perhaps it’s just worded unclearly. You’re reading that as the mirrors replicating whatever spell you cast, just at 10% of the damage that you’d do with the same spell. I suspect they have a limited number of spells they can cast, and those spells cause 10% of the damage that you would have caused with the same spell.

knowing me I probably did miss read it. The only reason I bring this up is because I saw a video on youtube by Rhykker and it showed the wizard using disintegrate and his mirror images did the same but mine aren’t. Oh well, I guess I’ll try some other builds out. Thanks for the reply as always meteor:)

images don’t use disintergate.
the disintergate rune that is in that video is chaos nexus which has one main beam that pierces, then with mob density little mini beams come out but they don’t pierce. maybe you just see that.

apart from flame blades. they have only one other skill, that they like to use well. i posted a guide on a build that uses SlowTime.


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Ah, may have missed that. I’ll give your build a whirl, Thanks Ironore.

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