Missing Announcement of Season 29 End Date


I just found out by chance that season 29 ended two days ago. I am very dissapointed, for there was no usual announcement two weeks prior to the season end and because of this I missed the Guardian rewards for finishing the last chapter of the season. I was late to the season and was already preparing for Guardian in the last weeks, but I was not in a hurry because I awaited the usual announcement two weeks prior to season end, so that I could easily finish the guardian goals (already prepared 2nd char on lvl70 for Years of War Conquest).

And now this is taken from me, just because you let the season end without letting us know? This is not fair, and I feel very disappointed about this, especially cause I’ve always been a very loyal Diablo 3 Player since release and wanted to earn the last “real” rewards from the last “real” season with a new theme…

I am sad about this and I think you stole many players late to the season the opportunity to gain their last “real” guardian season rewards. Sure it was about to come cause of PTR, but everyone expected an announcement as usual in the past. Especially for the last real season many players wanted to prepare and plan the last season journey and for this it is very important to know the season end date some weeks before.

I just feel like this is stolen from me. This is very unfair.
Would be fair enough if you would make the season 29 guardian rewards accessable to those, who missed it cause of ninja season end without an announcement!


I feel your pain. Blizzard did a similar thing in Diablo 4 by changing Glyph XP and wiping my level 15 glyphs… They never responded… Hope you have better luck. I do get the feeling many players are leaving Blizzard games for other more honest pastures…