Missing legendary power

I own, among a few other items, a Spider Queen’s Grasp wich is primal, but in the legendary power describtion it only says that corpse spiders release a web ob inpact that slows enemies by 80%. There is no corpse spider 800% damage buff as there should be. I have never ever cheated in any game and I would NEVER use any mod software! My account is as vanilla Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls as it can be. Feel free to inspect it. It certainly has to be a mistake that my weapon is missing something…


How old is your Spider Queen’s Grasp ?

This item was changed in Patch 2.7.2 in preparation to Season 25.

The old version only had “Corpse Spiders releases a web on impact that Slows enemies by [60 - 80] %” for legendary power. In addition, there was a guaranteed primary stat that read: “Increases Corpse Spiders Damage by [45 - 60]%”.

In the newer version, the corpse spiders damage was increased and integrated in the legendary power and the slowdown was fixed at 80%; the legendary power is now: “Corpse Spiders deals an additional [600 - 800]% damage and releases a web on impact that Slows enemies by 80%.”

The web page for the legacy Spider Queen’s Grasp is still available and you can review them here:

Existing items were not modified however… so if your primal weapon was found before the Patch, it will still have the old power – you can verify that by checking if it has a “Increases Corpse Spiders Damage by [45 - 60]%” primary stat.

If it does, as I suspect, then you will need to find a new one with the new legendary power. You can still use the primal weapon with the old power, if you want to, but I suspect it won’t be too attractive. You could also extract its power if you haven’t already and gain the full new power in the cube – cube powers are updated at the same time items are. You could also salvage it for 15 shards.

If you think it’s a bug… then feel free to post in the Console Bug Report forum; you should include a link to a screenshot of your weapon… and other details if needed (such as when you looted that weapon).

I hope this helps a bit.

Best of luck in your games !

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