Mundunugu set Greater rift level 55 not registering

PS3 I just completed GR55 wearing the complete Mundunugu’s Regalia and it didn’t register as complete in the Years of War challenge. As I’m trying to complete 2 conquests, i’m a bit miffed.

From a stickied thread in the US Bug Report forum…
Things That Are NOT Bugs

  1. Achievement/Conquest Window Doesn’t Checkmark Boxes (I.E. GR55 with 6 sets)
    The Achievement/Conquest Window is slow to update and at times will not reflect say a GR clear with the required set. It will update sometime but it is still considered complete and if you meet the requirements for the achievement/conquest, it will still finish even if the check boxes are not updated.

However, if you’ve completed GR55s solo using six different sets, and it still hasn’t checked itself off, you’ll be wanting to post here…
Console Bug Report


Thanks for the help on that. I did try to go through the lists of threads, but couldn’t see one relating. Still working on it.