My thoughts about Horde of the Ninety Savages set and feedback/suggestion (off-season/S22 and beyond)

It is a very enjoyable and nice set to play. But it lacks something and it is not damage. It definitely lacks a good way to bring at least Crowd Control immunity to this set. It does not need offensive boost and I don’t want it but that kind of play style (toe to toe Close-quarters melee combat) requires it CC immunity. You should not worry about avoiding Crowd Control effects as melee combatant because other melee characters (with every other set) do not have to worry about it. So, why should we? They can easily maintain their “Super Saiyan” forms and/or “Concrete Skins” and other “Pain Ignorance”. Because ORotZ (great for resource spenders) and other means. But we as Frenzy Barbarians do not have that kind of utilities/possibilities/items. We do not have anything that would be even 1% as effective for Resource Generators as ORotZ is for Resource Spenders. It can be especially seen in higher Greater Rifts when enemies don’t drop as fast. So I started thinking what we could do? And I found some not bad combination (for Season 22 at least). You can use Cassius belt with it. You have to use 5 Savage pieces, 2 Aughild’s pieces, Endless Walk set, Undisputed Champion, Band of Might, Oathkeeper and Azurewrath and in the cube Bastion’s Revered, Depth Diggers, Ring of Royal Grandeur, Pride of Cassius and then you have the following options:

  1. You have perfect offensive setup but you have about 95% uptime of Ignore Pain (0.71 seconds of downtime).
  2. Sacrifice 1 property on amulet to cooldown reduction to achieve 100% Ignore Pain uptime.
  3. Sacrifice Aughild’s for Leoric’s Crown and Bracers of your choice to achieve 100% uptime.
  4. Sacrifice Depth Diggers for Leoric’s Crown to achieve 100% uptime.
    You can also sacrifice 1 Legendary Gem for Gogok or Invigorating but I don’t list those options because they are really bad options. Those are options for Season 22. But what about non-season? The set should also be good enough to perform well in non-season. But to achieve this effect in non-season sacrifices must be made. Much more bigger sacrifices. With those sacrifices this set would be weak and not viable. So we are in bad situation. We are definitely in a situation in which we need something that this set lacks. We need a buff or fix to this set. But we need a very little buff. And we don’t need an offensive buff. What we actually need is to add to this set something like this: “Reduces the cooldown of Ignore Pain by 50%” or “Doubles the duration of Ignore Pain”. Both are actually the same thing. Or it could be other mechanic to increase duration (reduce cooldown) of Ignore Pain. And this little addition to this set would fix all problems with this set (even in non-season) and won’t make it overpowered. It would make it more stable. We could play this set at the same level (and at the same offensive power) without any sacrifices. If we play it well we could even have permanent Ignore Pain with this addition without any sacrifices. But of course it would require some dedication. But that is what this game is all about, am I right? Immortal King has Berserker. Savages should have Ignore Pain. I think Savages should know how to Ignore Pain, isn’t that right? Because if not them, then who?