Necro Bonestorm idea

iv never writing on forums before so please dont hate to much.

Ever since necro came out i fell in love with the bonestorm build, and with the mirinae nurf, looks like the build hasn’t had much love ever since, so i had an idea while i was playing with the build this season that what if they just increased the radius of the swirling tornado itself ? it looks like to be a 15 yard radius at the moment? ( correct me if im wrong just guessing) in the current state it more looks like a bone whirl anyway so if they increased to like a good 30 yard,or even teh same size of the Bonearmour area of effect so it would synergize with each other perfectly, it would feel like more of a tornado although that’s just more aesthetics. with the size increase you can be getting the ranged mobs orthe mobs in the backline that i cant never seem to get without having to fulling repositioning my self,so instead of having to would up face to face i am able to distance myself while they are still getting effect by the bonestorm and being able to use corpse lance from a distance, also if using PE as most builds recommend it would benefit that for it hitting more mobs at a time from its size increase. i think that if they would implement this change it would give it a nice little buff with out it being to over the top of a change but also giving more viability with abilities also arising from it.

i have other ideas to help with this particular build but this one seemed to be more logical to implament.

If you want to improve the damage potential of a Bonestorm Inarius build, combine Siphon Blood with the revised Iron Rose phylactery, which gives free Blood Novas, which have a 25 yard radius. When combined with Bloodtide Blade in the cube, which gives 400% extra damage to your Novas for every mob within 25 yards, this turns it into a powerful trash clearer. As an example…

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In addition to that, which I think would be an amazing idea which I’m surprised hasn’t been done yet… The Pestilence build which I affectionately call “Super Bomber Man” needs to have corpses allocated as a resource with Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. It’s a viable resource that the necro uses to pull off many abilities, and it’s only fair. They need to update that ring with that ability. With the ability to keep LOTD up just like how there are barbarian builds that use Berserker and Demon Hunter builds that use Vengeance, it’s only fair to make it work most effectively that Zodiac recognizes corpses as a spendable resource. What are your thoughts?

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