Necromancer class does not allow creativity

Unfortunately i played too long on the necromancer to get a refund, but anyway…
If you are looking to be creative with your build as well as find a unique play style as the necromancer, then sorry! that is not entirely possible.
I myself have played a good portion of the current season (season 19) as the Necro, expecting to have fun collecting gear and improving my stats, whether it be changing out gems or maybe swapping runes to the selected stats that i felt comfortable using… buuuut nothing i did felt viable, i recorded some footage of doing some neph/greater rifts and found that no matter what my toughness was, majority of the time i would just get 1 shot by almost every enemy on my screen.
One thing i encountered too often was our under designed cheat death, all minions/pets get sacrificed and you are healed 10% of your life for each one that was consumed. most of the time i was left with no essence so i felt the best option was to just let the enemy kill me anyway and re spawn with full essence and try again.
Enough about my god awful experience playing this class… Anyway my point is, the only way to get up there in the rankings or to at least push decent greater rift levels is to just basically follow the build everyone else is using.

(please let me know if the class itself is still in early access, as it sure feels that way, and i will remove this post)

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I feel your pain, necro is my favorite. It’s the worst class at the moment. I agree in everything you said. No matter your gear, you still get one shotted by anything. In my opinion the overall problem with necro is that every build is based on 120 cooldown skills, which is kinda stupid, cause any build is a cooldown build. I can’t remember a build for necro without using land of the dead or simulacrum. They seem to be madatory in every build and this sucks. Any other class has viariation on builds. Necro sets need a huge rework in my opinion. Rathma set is useless cause LOD can do it much better. Blood set is useless too and for me never felt a viable choice. Pestilence did well til now, but still a huge cooldown based build as i said. Inarius feels more flexible to try more combinations, but it was only viable when necro class released. After than that other builds feel to work better. It is really silly that the best builds for necro at the moment are LOD builds. This means that necro sets are just useless. Let’s wait about 3 months to see a reasonable fix on that. They boosted some classes like 15000% increased damage, while other classes have 4000% damage bonus on sets and this is ridiculous.


Right you are.
The reasons you mention are the same reasons why I prefer playing solo when rolling with the Singularity LoN Necro.
When going beyond GR80+ anything you come into contact pretty much will kill you with a few exceptions. Most of the time you have to reset your cooldowns etc before being able to do damage again. Let’s face it, everyone hates waiting to respawn. And while in a party that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, especially if you are pushing or if you meet elites with certain affixes.

When playing solo one can pretty much skip the waiting and reset the cooldowns at the same time when you die. That makes playing solo on this squishy build a no brainer.

Devs please look into this. I have mentioned it in a previous post before myself.

Ohh well, now that they will ruin Singularity builds with the changes coming to Haunted Visions S21 I’m not sure the LoN Singularity builds will even be viable at GR100+ anymore.

Btw, a little harsh to be mentioning even thinking about getting a refund at this point ain’t it Dec? Let’s get real, how many hours have you spent playing this game, and how many dollars have you spent on it? How many dollars per hour does that come out to be? I don’t know about you but there is no other game that has given me more value per dollar than this game to date.

I’m not 100% sure I agree with your statement that the necro doesn’t allow for creativity either, have you tried?
I have been testing loads of different build variations etc, and several of them work and can do reasonable tier GR’s. But sure, if you want to do the absolute highest GR possible then you will probably have to go with the meta thorns cancer build.
So, in that case, you are correct. But, I think the same goes for pretty much every class. There is always one build that tops all the others on the leaderboards.
Just saying.

The new class set gives more creativity though. The Necromancer is definitely my best class.

Lately they have discovered the new LoD Poison Scythe build, which is IN-credible. I can finally do GR pushings easily.

Thing is, Necs are a little weaker than most other classes and lacks a bit of diversity, but it definitely doesn’t lack on versatility. The new set I meantioned earlier… I have modified it a bit on my own to make it extremely fast and still as buffed and powerful as with the recommended build, for better versatility, such as group bounties and fast farming.

Theme and character wise, my opinion is, I don’t hate the Witch Doctor. But I must say that his sense of humour and light heart doesn’t appeal to me too much. Necromancers are dark, gaunt and deadly serious, which is something I always loved about him.

Fun fact that you might like…If you type /dance in the chat, your character will start dancing. If you do that as a necromancer, he says something like “I refuse to dance” or “necromancers don’t dance” among those lines.