Necromancer Grim Scythe Build 's Convention of Elements ring

Which Ring is better?
left or right?

Any stats that I need to reroll after choosing 1 of the 2 ?

Thank you very much

So, that would be this Necro…

According to the Icy Veins build guide…

Ideal affixes for the ring are CHC / CHD / Socket and either AS or AD. So, the answer depends on which your hero’s more in need of. If you need more AS to reach a breakpoint, go with the left ring and re-roll INT to CHD. If you need more AD, go with the right ring and re-roll INT to AD.

Thank you very much for such a detail explanation.

what is the desired break point as in… (give me a number) to reach.

In your opinion , Attack speed or Area damage is better?

I don’t really play Necromancer so I have no idea of which attack speed breakpoints you’d need to reach. However, if you head on over to and import your Necromancer, on the Skills/Effects tab, any attacks that have breakpoints will show how many frames per attack they require. There are 60 frames per second, so if you had an attack at 30 frames, you’d do 2 attacks per second. If you got this down to 20 frames, you’d get 3 attacks per second, and so on. When hovered over, it also shows you how much more Attack Speed you’d require to reach the next breakpoint.

I have done the following , before equipping the ring with attack speed.
I only have 31 FPA . after equipping , I got 29 FPA. But as you mentioned only a Flat 30 FPA will get me 2 attacks per second.

31 FPA was close to 30 but not yet to 2 attacks per second?
from 31 to 29 FPA, does that mean I have 2 attacks per second now?


There are 60 frames per second.
At 31 frames per attack, you can fit in one of those per second.
At 29 frames per attack, you can fit in two of those per second.
That’s what reaching a breakpoint does.

So, sounds like you should go with the AS ring and roll the INT to CHD, so you end up with an AS / CHC / CHD / Socket ring.

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You kinda messed up your weapon… You could have rolled intelligence for attack speed or even 10% damage. Something to consider in the future, attack speed on the weapon is way more important than in any other slot.