Need advice on build

hello guys im currently playing a ww/rend build i found on icy veins and i have everything i need i think apart from ancient items and a few bad rolls but i can only do grift75 tops as im too squishy plus it seems like my damage has fell of a bit and im not sure what to do

am i doing something wrong?

The best Whirlwind/Rend guide is on the US forums, by Free…

I took a quick look at your Barb…

Things I immediately noticed…

You have H90 gloves equipped. Whilst they’re primal, they’d be breaking your 6-piece Wastes bonus if you weren’t utilising a RoRG in the Cube. That’s a bad choice, especially as the H90 gloves have attack speed on them, and Rend doesn’t benefit at all from it. Go back to Wastes gloves, and the jewellery slot in the Cube can be Band of Might which will give you 80% mitigation after you use Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash.

You want STR / VIT / 6% CHC, and you should have a diamond in it for CDR, not an amethyst for hit points.

Unless you happened to log out in a farming version of your gear, you’re missing an incredibly important part of your gear, i.e. the Lamentation belt, which is a huge multiplier to Rend damage.

You’ve got Lightning damage on these. Presumably you’ve done that to match the rune you currently have on Whirlwind. However, very little of the build’s damage now comes from Whirlwind, it’s all from Rend, which means that you want 20% Physical on your bracers, to match the element on Rend which is Bloodbath.

You need a new one. Even a non-ancient with the right affixes would beat a badly-affixed ancient. Ideally you want 20% Physical / CHC / CHD / CDR / Socket, but the chances of that are astronomically tiny. Accept anything with CHC / CHD / CDR / Socket and and STR, AD or base damage

Not good. Ideally you’re after STR / 24% AD / 10% CDR. The CDR helps maintain the 100% up-time on WotB and you want some AD. Whilst the Rends automatically applied by Ambo’s Pride procs do not benefit from AD, manually cast Rends do. So, when you’re in high density of mobs, continually spinning, manually cast some Rends, and you’ll see massive benefit from the AD.

Now for skills…
As you’re using BK weaponry, you should have absolutely no problem with Fury generation, so you don’t need Wind Shear on Whirlwind. You should take Blood Funnel for the healing on crits. This allows you to change Battle Rage from Swords to Ploughshares to Into The Fray, which gives you a huge CHC buff when in density. Wrath of the Berserker should be runed with Insanity. You need to drop Sprint and replace it with Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash. Not only does this allow you an easy method to group up mobs (e.g. so you can pull them to where you’re stood in an Oculus circle) but it also procs the 80% damage mitigation from Band of Might. Finally, we come to replacing War Cry. You have a choice of Ignore Pain / Ignorance Is Bliss (for low level farming) which gives you more mitigation and healing, or Ancient Spear / Rage Flip (for higher level pushes) which allows you to gather multiple screens’ worth of enemies, e.g. so you can pop a conduit or power pylong and burst it all down.

Finally, your legendary gems should be Taeguk, Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Stricken. You’ve got Gogok instead of Stricken, which I presume you took for the CDR. However, the change of the helm gem from an amethyst to a diamond almost gives you the same back (12.5% as opposed to 15% from the gem at max stacks). Stricken is incredibly useful against Guardians, especially those without adds, as it means the more often you hit a target, the more damage that target takes with each successive hit.

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good day.
ive took your advice on the gloves i thought the stats from primal would be good.

the helm now has a diamond in it that was my mistake.

as for the belt yeah i was using it to farm normal rifts

the bracers now have physical damage (makes sense actually as i heard all the dmg was form rend, im a dumbass)

i will try to find an amulet with those affix, thanks

its a shame about the weapons i thought i did well on them xD i will work on them.

overall ive wrote down your tips and will spend my time improving everything thanks so much for giving me advice.

The advice I’ve given in this thread is just quick tips. Free’s guide on the US forums has a huge amount of incredibly detailed information in it.

As for your weapons, you could still re-roll the 10% weapon damage into 10% CDR on them. That would make it a lot easier to maintain 100% up-time on Wrath of the Berserker, which ends up being more damage than the weapon damage, and you’ll also be less likely to die, because the Mortick’s give you mitigation whilst WotB is up.

i currently have 45% cdr. (that before i change the weapons) how much cdr is recommended?

and yeah i dont wanna die seeing as its hardcore xD

In which case, 24% AD on both weapons, if you’re using hard-cast Rends.
The CDR requirements are covered in the guide…

35-45% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon)