Need more power on my wd

I’m struggling to find ancient items for my helltooth gargantuan build. I tried to reforge, kadala even high gr pushing but no luck on pants and helm. Are they exteremely rare? Almost gave up primals. I repeated 80+ GR many times but always getting the similar legendaries. I’m upgrading the gems to add despair on ancients now. That’s all i can do with my knowledge.

I need your advise and recommendations to improve my wd.

Thank you.

Well, you are missing alot:

Garg damage on Tunic , mantle & Mojo
Cold damage on Lakumba
Try to get +10 damage on weapon
Rings are…well bad…
Better Pledge would be helpfull…

If you address these issues then 100 will be an easy mark…

What rings do you recommend? I made this build according to icy veins website. Diablofans also says similar builds with very less difference.

I will make the changes on others but on rings part, RORG and Short Man’s Fingers are mandatory. What other choices i have?

Well for starters the Rorg always comes with Attack speed, not very helpful with Garg
You want Ideally to have ChC And ChD on your rings and Rorg cubed.
Also you are missing out on 10 ChC on your pledge and a ChD of 63 is not very high…

Attack speed is still useful for pets. It won’t actually increase their attack speed but their attacks get a 1:1 damage boost equal to your AS bonus instead. Speccing your rings into criticals will give you more DPS however, if you can spare 2 affixes on each of them from not needing cooldown reduction or something.

I made a few changes as follows:

  • 20% Cold damage on bracer (lakumba’s ornament)
  • Cubed RoRG and wear Short Man’s Finger as it has more DMG
  • 27% Gargantuan DMG increased on shoulder and mojo.

Still missing almost 20% ChC on amulet and ring because my endless walk set has no socket. I have 5 of them each in my stash and none of them has it. It sucks.

I will continue playing on high GR to find more suitable endless walk set, just need luck.

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You will see improvement, I’m sure!


Very useful tips above that will help you loads.

But regarding the Endless walk set I would suggest doing bounties.
Use the bounty mats to reforge travelers pledge and / or compass rose in the cube.

Good luck!

I’m afraid i don’t have enough crafting material such as forgotten souls to use on cube so it’s not an option for now. Anyway i removed the Bane of Stricken from the amulet and rolled to ChC.

For now i completed the GR 9 without trouble. Continue searching suitable endless walk set. Thank you for help.

I’ve algo a Garg WD build. I-m cleaning GR100 alone without problems. You can take a look in My Brujo char

Any advise in what to change in my build will be also appreciated. I Know I-ve to increase the lv of the caldessans, I-m on it rigth now.


Hey, if you are still looking for tips check out Bigdaddyden76. He is, in my opinion, the witch doctor master. I watch his build videos a lot because he goes over the required skills, gear + stats and play style. It helped me a lot to understand how it all worked together and how certain stats made such a massive difference.