New clan (PC/EU): Dominion SO looking for members (new players also welcome)

Dominion SO is looking for members.

We are a newly formed clan that branched out from a larger established guild in an MMO. This is at the starter phase, but we have many plans starting next year.

At this very moment we are looking for anyone, new players, veterans or returning players. Ideally we’d also find some people who are interested to help us start up this community as we will also have a website next year covering all the different games.

As a clan we have a relaxed and mature (but no age restrictions though) community. We like to do challenging content as well as relaxing with a brew or two. We also like to have a laugh and keep our community active 24/7 through Discord. So Discord is an important part of this clan.
There is a chance you can even catch some of us playing Diablo 2 on one of the voice channels from time to time.

Let me know if you want in :smile:


Im interested. 35 and from sweden. Bnet: Hyde#21989. And im using discord as well.

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Hi, i’m #Diabloso21697 play diablo III regularly and use discord very often. 22y old. Would love an invite if possible :slight_smile:

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your description fits what I’m looking for in a clan for a season 19 :wink:
Here is my Bnet: Lelek#2689 looking forward to join you.

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Would like to join. Been playing for years and looking for active helpfull people

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Hey, requested in invite in-game. Casual player and have played since release. Just looking for people to play with and push GRs.

Bnet - Resembool#2884

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Hey, Im 26 and use discord every day. Playtime wise im also on every day basicly Dtag is DeathGambit#2695

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I’m an active player, playing crusader atm, 23 y/o from Sweden. Looking for an active clan to play together with or just chat with. My btag is Naexxi#2874.

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Looking for a fun friendly clan that can help me as a returning player. I am 25yrs from UK. Im free most of the time and use discord :slight_smile:
would love to chat/play some D3 over a cuppa!

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Sorry for the late response, been a hectic rl weekend. It says you’re already in a clan :slight_smile:

Yes was in a temporary one I’ll leave it rn.

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would like to join if the clan is active to find people to play with, as of now 1390 paragon for this season. played multi seasons before.

Hey! i’m interested in this! if you care, just add Enigma#22575! and we can chat on later

Requested to join :slight_smile: Nickmad#2391