New Patterns of Justice set

Eh i’m unable to find a ptr forum to post feedback so i guess i’ll do that here.

Ok so i tested this a bit on ptr and i have to say…it’s incredibly underwhelming. You have to use all the available damage reduction legendaries to even make it playable in higher level content, which makes for a really annoying micro management build trying to keep cyclone dr, dash dr, generator dr up all at the same time.

The damage is lackluster even at paragon 2800+ with ancient weapons and over lvl 110 gems. My recommendation is to scrap the movement speed buff given by the 4 set and replace that with some kind of damage reduction. The damage given by the 6 set for sweeping wind needs to be scaled higher or give attack speed that scales with sweeping wind considering it is the monk class based on fast attacks.

I really like having all runes on sweeping wind given by the 2 set but i have to say that tempest rush makes absolutely now sense with this set.

Why would i lock myself into using tempest rush when the only benefit it gives is aoe? And why would i need aoe when i can just replace tempest rush with cyclone and pull all mobs to me? I have to use cyclone because of the damage reduction from the legendary shoulders which also happens to be the same slot that a damage reduction legendary for tempest rush goes but cylclone dr is 50% so there is no reason not to use them in this type of build.

in testing, once i got the gear together and tried different specs i found that, when the damage is high compared to the rift level, example, t10 at para 2800 lol, the build plays very smoothly, i ran it with ingeom, crystal fist, and vengeful fist but once i scaled up the difficulty the build just felt bad. I had to drop ingeom for flying dragon and that still didn’t make the damage feel good at all. It takes too long to kill elites, the movement speed buff from 4 set is just not noticeable nor is it beneficial, the aoe buff was not noticeable in the slightest and again is not beneficial considering i have to use cyclone for damage reduction purposes anyway.

The base concept of the build is fantastic and ever since d3 released initially i’ve been trying to make a sweeping wind spec work. I’ve taken a long break from regular d3 playing in favor of other, more engaging games, but i am coming back for this next season just for this build.

If the patterns of justice set stays as is when season 19 goes live i have to say there will be no reason for me to play because that set is all i’m looking forward to.

The tldr of this post goes as follows:

Patterns of Justice set concept - thumbs up
Damage given by set - thumbs down
Damage reduction given by set - nonexistant
Feeling of the build itself - depends on damage and due to low damage it feels bad in higher rifts

I just don’t understand. After over 10 years of me posting on forums and complaining about the state of monks in d3, blizzard, you guys finally and i mean finally because i’ve been waiting for over a decade…come up with a build around my favorite skill and what do you do with it? You make it incredibly underpowered. I mean you can’t expect me to ignore the attention barbarians are getting atm and how stupidly broken they are on ptr compared to other classes.

Barbs deserve the spotlight i won’t argue that but let’s not forget that monks have only ever had a proper group dps build once in over a decade of this games life. Oh and what happened to that build? Static strike…nerfed into oblivion.

I’m pleading with you blizzard. Please, please, pretty please don’t mess this one up. It has potential to make the game fresh again for me but at the same time it has potential to make me never want to play d3 again. I would prefer it to be the former but as i said the latter is a high possibility if you continue with your monk hating ways.


thank you for the reply and yes i found that in my earlier search yet i was unable to create a topic in that sub forum.

Were you logged in that forum ? Check the upper right corner of the screen… it should show your name and your avatar for the US forum.

I did a quick search on your BattleTag across the entire Americas forum and couldn’t find a post from you… so that was probably your first visit and you may need to login.

@Mannou :

I see that you have gotten your post up… good work !!

How do you feel about the changes to the set, that was tweeted at blizzcon?

I feel it is a step in the right direction, but i still have conserns.

There was no feed back if supporting legendarys have been changed.

I hope they can make this set work.

I have tryed getting a TR/SW LOD work in this season, but some how the damage is just terrible.

SW/cyclon, deals no damage.

SW it self, deals way to low damage, even on the PTR, and the new set i only get a bit more Dmg then TR.

TR, well it has mulitble supporting items, but the damage is still horrible, pluss u need a ton og rcr,cdr & stun,blind or freeze.

I feel the TR base damage needs to atleast be dubbled.

SW cyclon needs way better scaling.

And SW it self need more supporting items that do not conflict with TR items.

One set can not fixs all the issues with the skills them self.

I second these observations

Set looks nice, but the necklace should disappear. Whats worse: with maximum damage reduction (50% from set), Cyclone Strike with Lefebre (45%) and Epiphany desert shroud (50%), even the smallest midget on level 16 is deadly in split second. A strike with Lightening… one hit and over. In Epiphany with desert shroud active the monk jumps to its next target and often to a certain death. I only once managed to clear a rift at 16 without dying by continuously keeping epiphany, mantra of healing and serenity up.

This monk with a SWK WOL build doesn’t suffer from this weakness.
I think the damage reduction on this set is broken if 50% + 50% + 45% doesn’t work on level 16.

Ok so after testing the new changes i have to say. There is no point in using the Patterns set for Tempest Rush when Sunwuko out performs in a push setting. Patterns gets 15k damage from 6 set. With 13 stacks of sweeping wind…swk gets 19,500% damage. I mean come on blizzard wtf. Why in gods name did you give sader such an op set and then give monk such a trash one???

I’m actually thoroughly annoyed with this. They are trying to keep monk as the support bitch for eternity it seems. I just don’t understand why they won’t give the new set enough damage to outperform swk, a set that monks have had to use for what…the past 10 seasons? On live monks have cleared up to 137 with swk.

Now with all that said, the Patterns set does feel better to play. You don’t have to worry about maintaining spirit anymore, the damage reduction addition to the set was a fantastic addition, but the movement speed will simply go unused because the build that runs patterns of justice does not use the sweeping wind weapon.

It just seems that there was a significant lack of foresight on blizzards part for this set.

In conclusion all of my concerns with the set were addressed, aside from probably the most important one, the damage of the set. It simply does not perform like a shiny new set should and it becomes obvious every time i come back to this game that nobody on the blizzard staff for d3 actually play this game on more than a casual level. If they did they would realize monks have been stuck on support for pretty much their whole existence in the d3 world. It’s disheartening to say the least but given how blizzard have treated monks in the past I can’t say i’m surprised in the slightest. Basically my excitement to play the next season has waned significantly due to yet another season where monks are likely be stuck healing in the group meta.

So i’m gonna start by making a stupid barb just because it will make getting stupid sader gear easier. I know that if I start with a monk i will be forced into a support role once my friends and I start reaching higher grs.

Oh and to top it all off…season 20 wiil be season of the barb…let’s see what kind of damage a new barb set receives so we can say with certainty that blizzard staff simply does not care one bit for monk or the community that so loves the monk.

Low paragon and no caldessan we must take dextery in hands and RCR in zodiac in cube Lefebvere`s Soliloquy. High Paragon and caldessan profit zodiac AS and hand AS and Stone. Since we have many additive damage(Skill bonus,Taeguk,Blinding) I don’t see the point in taking Mr Yan’s pants or take the passive addetive(monk have 2 passive mult relentless assault and mythyc rhythm). The more ally is helping us to take the attack speed gloves and the ring and takes the diamond in socket head(+damage with crimson).Weapon Ellite > 10 Damage because the his need have in two the hands of to was only 10% damage(hands change under attack) while damage on elite from this not depend and give on fact damage(in two hands +16% damage)…And with the elite, we take longer to kill than trash, plus it helps us kill the boss. Priority of secondary stats in item resist all item,torso - reduced melee or range or Life after Each kill,feet - bonus globe

Life per second - very good stat vs ellite arcane enchanted and molten

Life after Each kill - A very good characteristic that does not occupy a place in things (completely restores health)

Bad Ellite - Wall, illusions and worm hole

Top boss - Stone singer give stack stricken and non stop active passive Sieze the Initiative

Bad Boss all summoner

CoE stat - CHC CHD AD or damge

Templar Setup :

up only fist passive on heal and four passive on regen spirit

item oculus and relic Enchanting Favor no use item on control

sunwuko stronger a new set of on 30%
Sry my english