New season new character?

Do I really need to make a new seasonal character? Can I not use the one I have from before? I really don’t want to make, an 8th character (other 7 from years ago my 7th is my current season character)…

If you want to take part in Season 26, yes, you need to make a seasonal hero. You can either create a new hero, or you can rebirth an existing hero. This involves selecting an existing non-seasonal hero and rebirthing them. The rebirth converts them into a level one seasonal hero, but maintains that hero’s played time and kill count. Any gear the non-seasonal hero (and their followers) were wearing gets sent back to the non-seasonal email system for collection by a non-seasonal hero. The email containing the gear persists for 30 days, after which it will disappear. It’s often safer to unequip all the gear from a hero you intend to rebirth, and put the gear into your stash prior to rebirthing them, so you don’t forget to collect the gear from the mail system. You are allowed a maximum of three rebirths per season.


How do I rebirth my character I had for season 25? So armor I went out of my way to get her is off the table? I have a stash of puzzle rings will I still have them with her or will they be with my other characters?

At the end of Season 25, all of your seasonal heroes became non-seasonal, and the contents of your seasonal Stash was sent to the non-seasonal email system for collection by your non-seasonal heroes. Nothing that you have on your non-seasonal heroes / in your non-seasonal Stash can be transferred to seasonal heroes. The modes are separate.

All seasonal heroes, whether newly created or rebirthed non-seasonal heroes, start with absolutely nothing. This is the whole point of a new season, i.e. everyone starts from scratch.

Gotcha, thanks again you’re always helpful :ok_hand:t2: