•                                          Season of the Unboud legacy.
    • In the cube you can add and store a complete set as a bonus.
    • It can work together with other set and you will be able store only 1 set with all of the bonuses added to it.
    • First you have to acquire a set and put all the set pieces into the cube and materials - anything - and convert the set as a passive bonus.
    • Infinite amount of variations and plus creative tool to improve your personal grift grind record.
    • For instance: Imagine how the Hellfire set could work along with the Zunimassa’s gear.
    • How many variations that you could possibly make before you master using 2 set simultaneously.
    • Finally imagine that you can use LON set bonus with your regular 6 piece set bonus…
    • I think this could be a great seasonal theme added a new player experience to your well known and well played style.

There’s no such thing as the Hellfire set. Yes there is a Hellfire ring and there is a Hellfire Amulet, but it’s not a set. They work independent of each other, not together.

As the other set mentioned - Zunimassa - is a WD set, the OP probably meant Helltooth.

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Sorry my bad you’re right i meant Helltooth! Thanks for corrigating me.