Noobquestion about Calimity + Marked for Death

So i do know , that the Procc of Calimity a) doesn’t add much dmg as its constantly switching targets and b) somehow reduces the amount of Momentum-Stacks you get.

I would like to know why this is the case for b)

And also if the same bug applies if i manually cast Marked of the Dead because if im in a group with a ZdH i thought about using it as i dont need my boar anymore then.

Some one said very often can’t get stack when using Calamity. I have tried to replicate this “bug” many times but failed to do so. I had isolated a zombie and hit it with Calamity with (weakened) HA multiple times. The stack increased when I pressed the HA key no matter the zombie was marked or not.

As, the stack is granted at the time you press the primary skill button, not when the arrow hit any enemy (marked or not), there is no correlation between the stack and the weapon or the skills you used.

Some players said it is actually caused by spawn multiple skills at the same time. I tend to believe this explanation more. A player had made a video clip posted on US forum before. I haven’t do intensive test on this.

As I said, I don’t believe there is any correlation between the “bug” and skills used including MotD. As I don’t use MotD in my build, I can’t confirm anything. If you have any find out, you are welcome to share here.