Not sure what build to play - What do you like?

Hey guys, so been back in Diablo 3 casually for a bit again.

I have gear for:

Frost hydra + almost all ancient for mammoth hydra (but some average rolls)

Full BIS for archon almost, maybe 1-2 rolls/ancient not all there.

Full BIS + augements in the 80s on Delsere

I have also collected firebird + tal rasha set, think mostly only ancient/good rolls.

I also have a lot of other items with good rolls.

Problem is Im not sure what to play. I like the idea of archon, and I enjoy playing it, but I also dont like archon if you know what I mean? Was a big fan of Archon when it was perm back in “classic” Diablo 3.

I love Delsere frozen orb. It just feels good, but Im afraid the damage is not good enough now a days maybe? I have a primal trium, like…I got all the gear, but a good-good ancient weapon and I think compass ring. But does the build suck now a days?

Been playing mostly Hydra lately getting the gear. Still long to go, but I have good non-ancient items set items + close to full ancient on Legacy of dreams mammoth. I guess most people say LOD mammoth is best?

SO WHAT DO YOU PLAY? And why? And what should I play? Maybe I missed a build - Never played much with tal rasha meteor, only for like flashfire in-geom.

I don’t have that many hours into wizard tbh. It is my least played class. Last time i touched this class was S20, when the hydra set was introduced. Both LoD and set variants were strong. LoD was definitely superior though. And so tanky. Very casual and hardcore friendly, although i have to admit it became really boring and monotonous after some rifts. If i had to rank them right now based on what i 've seen in the leaderboards and some videos and guides…

  1. This time around it seems that lod hydras are the strongest build that wizard has to offer but still a bit weaker than the top builds of some other classes right now. That doesn’t necesserily mean you shouldn’t try them. LoD is slightly stronger than the set but both are probably the top options for wizards.

  2. Delsere is nice too, it got a new playstyle with energy twisters that is maybe stronger than frozen orb. Both frozen orb and twisters are nice as a second option. Totally legit for high pushing.

  3. Vyr’s chantodo is still above average. It used to be the strongest in the game not too long ago, but now it is far from the top builds. I always hated this playstyle of spamming the same button over and over and it is also very heavily dependent on coolowns which is mostly a negative for me.

  4. Talrasha is only good nowdays for farming keys (nephelim rifts on torment 16). There is a cool build where you just walk around and stuff explode under your feet. It lacks the raw power of the other sets but it is very fun nonetheless (probably my fav wizard build).

  5. Firebird, please stay away from that :slight_smile: